An orphan missing a hand had lost hope, but he would soon find love

Four-year old Kirill had lived in a Kazakh orphanage for his entire life. Caretakers at the facility had long given up hope that he would be adopted. That's because Kirill was born without a right hand. In his home country of Kazakhstan, attitudes towards disabled children are sadly quite unevolved. There aren't the kind of support systems for the disabled that we enjoy in the west and many families live in poverty, so taking care of a child with special needs is more daunting than it should be. This is likely the reason why just 20 days after Kirill was born, his parents decided they could not raise him. Kirill endured many sad years at the orphanage, watching other children without disabilities get adopted while he remained unwanted and unloved. 

But one day his luck changed. Canadian couple Doug and Lesley Facey were drawn to the young boy. They had long wished for a child and when they saw Kirill, they were sure that they wanted him. Despite his disability — or even because of it. Appallingly, the authorities at the orphanage actually tried to talk the pair out of the adoption. They were asked, "Do you really want a child with only one hand?" But the couple knew exactly what they were doing.

As it happened, Kirill wasn't the only person in his new family who was missing a hand. When he arrived at the airport and met his new grandfather for the first time, a huge surprise awaited him: Dave's father was also born with just one hand. The successful businessman and sportsman knelt before his new grandson and, without saying a word, held out his arm to him. It was a magical moment. The room was silent and everyone held back their tears. When the boy felt the older man's stump, they immediately felt a connection. He knew that he was no longer alone and he had found his family.

Since this touching beginning, the newly founded family has been enjoying all that life has to offer. Kirill is continually getting better at English, has quickly made friends, and is finally receiving the love and support that were missing from his early years. "My dad has shown that he can manage anything that he wants. He is a prestigious businessman, competed in the Paralympics and still shows us how to master life every day." For this reason, Dave is sure that no obstacle will stand in Kirill's path to happiness and success. And Kirill enjoys a secret "handshake" with his grandfather whenever they meet.

Although it started out sadly, life has certainly begun anew for Kirill. Adoptive parents are usually some pretty special people and Doug and Lesley are certainly no exception. With further good fortune on their side, hopefully their family bond will continue to grow and their lives be full of love and laughter. Kirill deserves nothing less.


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