Mother has the best reaction when she learns her baby's gender

California mom Kim Guiley was pregnant for the second time and since she and her husband felt like all that mattered was having a healthy child, they deliberately didn't find out the baby's gender.

"Over the course of my pregnancy, I had convinced myself we were having another girl," she recalled. Then after giving birth, Kim held her new baby for the first time, looked a little closer, and... had a huge surprise! This picture captured the moment perfectly:

It was a boy! After all but giving up on the idea of having "one of each," Kim and her husband unexpectedly had their wish granted. 


'Tis the season. The season of bouncing and nursing and patting and rocking to sleep. Of multi-tasking and making snacks, crafting and cleaning up. 'Tis the season of to-do's and never-dones. Of snuggling and listening and kissing away owies. This is the season of missed date nights, going to bed at different times, children spanning the distance between us. 'Tis the season of giving giving giving until there is nothing left, counting the minutes until bedtime and missing them when they're asleep. This season is HARD. Hard and exhausting and fleeting. Today, I feel like quitting. I'd like to trade in my round, stretch-marked, postpartum, pajama-wearing bod and spend a day in my old life. (It was so quiet back then, I had no idea.) I will do everything in my power to focus on the fleeting; knowing I will look back on this time so fondly. I will miss little hands in my hands, downy-soft baby hair against my cheek, making up answers to 100 questions about unicorns. And I will wake up tomorrow (or, more realistically, half a dozen times between now and then) and start again.

Ein von Kim Guiley (@blendingbeautiful) gepostetes Foto am

Theo sure was a surprise, and a wonderful one. Now the Guiley clan is complete. And what a stroke of luck that the camera caught this exact moment and preserved it for the family forever!


Daily Mail 


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