Touching: Dog pays final respects at dead owner's funeral

Kid Vinil was a famous singer in his homeland Brazil. But after a long battle with a terminal illness, the 62-year-old passed away last week. He left behind many mourning fans, friends, family — and his dog Cosmo.

Cosmo was the singer's best friend and was always at his side, so it only made sense that he was invited to the funeral. While the mourners passed by the coffin and paid their final respects, Cosmo lay beside it and whimpered.

Finally, one of Kid Vinil's friends lifted Cosmo up so he could see his owner one last time. The look on the poor dog's face said it all. As Cosmo whimpered out his final farewell, the other guests at the funeral couldn't hold back their tears. 

It's yet another perfect example of the endless and unconditional love that dogs have for the people they care for — a love so strong that it continues long after death.


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