Rugby star boosts woman’s morale as she dies of cancer

22-year-old Australian Kia Lettice has been fighting gastric cancer and recently got bad news. At the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney, she learned that despite chemotherapy, the cancer had spread and she may only have hours to live.  

One of her best friends, Mahalia Murphy, decided to do everything to make her last moments as wonderful as they could be.

So she posted a crazy, long-shot appeal online:

Kia is a huge rugby fan: Greg Inglis and Beau Ryan are both big Australian rugby players, though Ryan has recently moved on to become a beloved sports anchor.

Mahalia’s appeal worked. Thousands of people saw and shared it. Within a short time, she got a message back that nearly knocked her over: Beau Ryan wrote her that he was on his way. He’d be at the hospital in two hours. 

When Mahalia told her what was going to happen, Kia looked at her wide-eyed and smiled for the first time since they’d gotten the new diagnosis. Her cousin explained, “She always used to watch the TV show Footy saying he was her 'husband-to-be'.”

She may only have a short time left, but in that moment she was over the moon.

The photo they later posted on Facebook was ‘liked’ more then 10,000 times within a few hours, garnering hundreds of warm congratulations and well-wishing comments. And the story doesn’t stop there.  

Kia made it through those hours and she was still alive a whole day later. 

It might not seem like much, but she and her loved ones are cherishing every moment more that they get together. It’s amazing what a boost someone can give and how far you can get on a little encouragement. 

Positive feedback and loving attention don’t just make the world go around, they can keep you alive even if just for a few extra days.


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