Father finds a big surprise on his windshield

What Kevon Smith Sr. experienced in a restaurant has the power to restore faith in humanity. The father was eating breakfast with his three-month-old son, when he noticed an elderly couple looking his way. 

Facebook/Kevon Smith Sr.

As he paid for the meal, Kevon couldn't help but wonder why the couple had been staring. He returned to his car to find a message on the windshield:

Flickr/Victor Versus

“Today your meal is on my wife and me. Enjoy that baby boy as long as God intends. Keep doing what you’re doing. The Masons.”

The couple had obviously been quite moved by Kevon's interaction with his son. As promised in the message, Kevon also found cash for his meal. But the kind words were what really touched this father's heart: “There’s a lot of guys I know that aren’t taking care of their kids,” said Kevon, who was raised without a father. 

Facebook/Kevon Smith Sr.

This is a man who adores his son, and gives him the love and affection he needs. And not only is Kevon a wonderful father, but also a role model for many children and adolescents. As a football coach, he teaches his players about things in life that truly matter: team spirit and mutual respect. Kevon gave up a paid coaching position so that he could volunteer as a youth coach in his community. 

Facebook/Kevon Smith Sr.

The friendly gesture from the Masons was well-deserved. “I’m definitely going to make sure I’m paying it forward," Kevon said, determined to one day tell his son about the restaurant experience.

Facebook/Kevon Smith Sr.

Those who give love, receive love back. That's a lesson that everyone can learn from this act of kindness. 




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