Despite horrifying torture, this dog didn't lose her vitality

Warning: This article contains images that some readers may find disturbing.

The animal protection organization Hope for Paws in Los Angeles received a call that someone had found a dog in need. A volunteer drove to Mexico to get the dog and take it to the vet, having no idea that it would be the worst case of animal abuse she'd ever seen. 

Finally... surgery is over.

The true horror was that the dog's leg had been cut off with a knife and one eye stabbed out. But she also had ticks and intestinal parasites that became apparent only later.

Kayla - at the clinic in Mexico.

Her body was too weak to be operated on immediately so they waited a few days.

So sad...

Eldad Hagar, an animal rights activist who worked on getting Kayla help, couldn't believe that anyone could do that to a dog. The incredible thing was that the poor thing still licked them and raised her tail as they cleaned her wounds.  

Too weak to go to surgery...

The remains of the damaged eye had to be removed and the socket closed up. The wound improved from day to day.

Despite what extraordinary abuse she'd endured, Kayla was still full of friendliness and joy. She loved being scratched on the belly and giving friendly licks to her caregivers.

Rub my belly please  :-)

Now she's safe at a foster home for dogs, waiting for a caring family to adopt her. She plays with the other dogs, chases balls, and even though she only has three legs and one eye, she's as lively as she could be. What an impressive spirit!

She's also quite a cuddly sweetheart when there's a chance to be pet. 


While we have to hope people who abuse animals will be caught and prosecuted so fewer creatures have to suffer like this, Kayla has shown such a remarkable will to survive. She has been through so much, and is still able to trust people and enjoy life. Fantastic job, Hope for Paws! And good luck, little Kayla, keep on going!  




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