Paramedic posts photo to show what the ER is really meant for

As a paramedic, Kay Müller from Esslingen, Germany, knows the meaning of the term "life and death." In his job, every minute counts and people's lives hang in the balance. He's seen a lot over the years, and one aspect of his job has bothered him for quite some time.

Recently he felt the need to get things off his chest and posted this wakeup call on his Facebook account...

"The next time a patient in the ER asks me why they have to wait two hours (10 minutes) (and yes, paramedics get asked this even though they aren't from the hospital), I'd really like to show them this picture. I'm sure they would understand that their cracked toenail or sniffle can wait another three hours. This, my dear people, is the responsibility of the ER (trauma room), not the sniffle you've had for the past two days that could have easily been treated by your family doctor. Sorry about my choice of words, but the lack of independence and the laziness of some people is so frightening that I ask myself how they can find their way to the ER but not to the doctor's office."

The paramedic's strong words have already been shared over 20,000 times and the comments just keep on coming. The photo particularly caught the attention of people working in the medical field who share Kay's opinion: "This post should be hung in every ER waiting area!" commented one Facebook user. Another wrote, "Thank you!!! I think EVERY person who works in the health care system can relate to your hard feelings!"

There were others, of course, who tried to see it from a different perspective: "No one knows their previous situation, why they didn't go to the doctor. And they shouldn't make assumptions about people who go to the hospital," commented a former ER patient.

And what do you think of this paramedic's complaint about some ER patients?


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