Mom sacrifices herself for her unborn baby

Wes and Karisa Bugal from Aurora, Colorado, couldn't wait to meet their new baby. They were expecting a boy.

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After many months of pregnancy, Karisa was ready to head to the hospital and have her baby. She was full of nervous excitement. Early that morning, she posted on her Facebook page: "The only reason to wake up this early is to have a baby."

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In the final stages of labor, Karisa underwent a standard check and got some terrible news: she'd had an amniotic fluid embolism. This condition could cause serious damage to the organs of both mother and baby during birth. Many infants suffer from brain damage and the risk of death is very high.

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She then learned that her baby's heart had collapsed; Karisa feared for his life. Her doctors made a quick decision to perform an emergency C-section. They gave Karisa two options: they could either put her under general anesthetics, a safer option for the mother, but one that took important precious moments away from her baby, or they could perform the operation without anesthesia, the quickest option, but very risky for her health. Karisa's maternal instinct kicked in — she wanted to do whatever gave her son a better shot at survival.

Baby Birth by C-Section

That was Karisa's final decision. Her son, Declan, was born shortly thereafter, breathing and little heart beating. Karisa asked how much her son weighed, heard someone call out 7.4 lb, and then she died.

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Wes doesn't know how he will later explain to his son why his mother's gone. But he hopes he son will know how much Karisa loved him.

"Hold on tight to what you love," advises Wes. He spends as much time with Declan as possible and captures many of their moments spent together.

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One day, he'll show his grown son the photos of Karisa radiating with joy as she held her pregnant belly before heading to the hospital. Even though he'll never meet her, hopefully Declan can see the love on his mother's face.

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Here is a video of Declan's dramatic birth story:

We wish Wes and Declan a lot of strength through their next few years together. The love between a mother and her unborn child is hard to fathom; it's possibly one of the strongest forces on earth.


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