A dog sniffed out his owner’s cancer

62-year-old Brit Karin Gibson owns a labrador called Paddy.

When she returned home after a few days of vacation, Paddy gave her his usual warm welcome. He jumped for joy, licking her face as always. But then he did something completely unusual.

"He became a 'Superglue dog'. He jumped on me, he smelled my breath, he looked into my eyes, he nudged my breast”, Karin recounted. 

Especially the right breast. It looked like he smelled something odd… Karin was puzzled. Especially because, as the days passed, Paddy continued this new little game, always focused on her right breast!

After two weeks of this, Karin decided to be on the safe side and go to the doctor. After a mammogram and a biopsy, the doctors had to make a terrible announcement: she had carcinoma, a cancer developed from epithelial cells. And she had it in the right breast, exactly at the spot Paddy had kept sniffing!

Fortunately, the cancer was detected at an early stage. Karin would be fine after surgery and radiotherapy. Thanks to Paddy, she could even avoid chemotherapy.

Karin was lucky that Paddy immediately detected her cancer. She also had the good sense to listen to him and go directly to the doctor. Dogs can smell things that we aren’t even conscious of. If we listen to them, it can sometimes save a life.


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