Dog destined to be put to sleep ends up saving lives

Kailey was about to die. The three-year-old shepherd mix was desperately in need of a family to adopt her, otherwise she was destined to be put to sleep.

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The poor dog had been at the DeKalb County, Georgia, Animal Services shelter for more than a year and things weren't looking good. No one wanted to adopt her and the reason was simple yet tragic: Kailey had been badly abused before being abandoned and that experience had affected her.

“Her one issue was that something has happened to her in her past, so that if you try to touch her and she did not know you, she would snap at you,” explains Jacqueline Berlin, her foster mother. 

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Jacqueline was desperate to find Kailey a new home so she took to Facebook and posted a heart-wrenching notice in the hopes of finding someone who would be kind enough to give the dog one more chance. Fortunately it worked — Suzy Chandler read it and knew immediately that Kailey would be a perfect addition to her family.

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It took a while for Kailey to adjust to her new home and the first few months weren't easy for Suzy. But even though her new pet had been acting strangely, she knew there was something more going on when, on December 30, 2016, Kailey started barking frantically and wouldn't stop. Suzy could tell that there was something going on: “All of a sudden she just started looking at us and growling, like trying to get our attention, and I said, ‘Well what’s the matter with her?’”

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Kailey seemed intent on showing Suzy something and nearly dragged her outside. When they got out to the yard, the barking dog ran a few yards and started circling around a particular spot. Suzy immediately realized what Kailey was trying to tell her.

The smell of gas was unmistakeable and Kailey had discovered the source — it was a gas leak from a pipeline! Suzy called emergency services and soon a fire truck arrived. They quickly found the leak in a nearby building where a family with small children lived.

Youtube/Fox 5 Atlanta

Kailey was a hero! The dog that had escaped a death sentence only a few weeks earlier was now the talk of the town. If it hadn't been for her warning, the gas leak could have caused several fatalities.

You can watch the whole story in this video:

Suzy is incredibly proud of Kailey and wants to encourage others to adopt dogs from shelters before they are put to sleep. These dogs may have issues caused by years of abuse and neglect, but with a little love they can still be great pets — maybe even lifesavers. Kailey is a shining example of this!




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