Woman starts new exercise routine and documents her transformation

Justine McCabe, 31, from Burbank, California, has gone through one of the toughest experiences imaginable. Her husband John Paul took his own life after many years suffering from depression.

The mother of two started gaining weight shortly after his death; she felt consumed with loss. Her weight climbed to nearly 315 pounds. She remembers taking a selfie and not even recognizing herself. She felt lost and lonely and her photos from the time clearly reflect that. She felt overwhelmed and ate mostly fast food for convenience.

But one day she decided she'd had enough. She wanted to turn things around and break the painful cycle of hopelessness and despair. She joined a gym, took up rock climbing, bought a bike, and played a lot more actively with her children. She also started following a healthy diet.

She took selfies every day for a year to document her progress. She hoped that one day she would look at the photo she had just taken and recognize the person she was prior to her period of mourning.

Justine wanted to feel strong again and be more present for her sons. Of course, her loss remains very present, but she finally has hope for the coming years.

Right from the beginning of her lifestyle change, she has been guided by a personal trainer. With his help, Justine has regained her dream body and proven that she can achieve something big if she really puts her mind to it. Justine decided against plastic surgery to remove her stretch marks, "You don't have to be perfect to be beautiful," she shared with her Instagram followers.

She's simply happy to finally feel like herself again after many months of pain. Keep it up, Justine!


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