Sickly kitten grows into gorgeous, impressive cat

When Justina Strumilaite and her family adopted a kitten called Brownie, they did it mostly out of pity. Brownie was a weak, sickly little handful and no one really thought the tiny clump of fur would survive long.  

Brownie was the smallest of the litter and only had two toes on his front left paw. Soon after birth, he stopped eating and started losing weight. 

But neither Justina nor Brownie gave up the fight. She coaxed him slowly into eating and drinking, and he began to recover noticeably.

Pretty soon the listless fur ball had become a feisty bundle of energy. He was more a dog than a cat and followed her everywhere, recalled Justina.

An entire year passed and Brownie has turned from a miserable wee heap of feline into an enormous and absolutely splendid cat. His fur is so thick and fluffy that he has to be brushed daily! Clever way to keep his beloved Justina close at hand.

Lucky for both of them that Justina was so willing to take care of the runt of the litter. And lucky for all of us that Brownie's here to remind us never to underestimate the little guy! 


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