Husband organizes second wedding for his amnesiac wife

Justice and Jeremy Stamper of Virginia got married in a lovely ceremony surrounded by friends and family. It was exactly as they’d hoped and they knew they would always cherish the memory. But then, not even three weeks later, something happened to change not only their lives but also that precious memory. 

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Justice was in a terrible automobile accident. 

While her car was totaled Justice was also badly injured. When she woke up in the hospital it was clear she would have to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and she had a hard time speaking. 

Then they discovered that she had lost her memory, but only a short period of memories: the last five weeks or so. 

For Jeremy it was like a punch in the gut. His wife didn’t remember getting married to him. He showed her the photographs of their wedding day, but nothing came back to her. They were both devastated.

Youtube/NBC News

Jeremy decided that the only thing to do was replace the memories that amnesia had stolen. If Justice didn’t remember their beautiful wedding, he would have to organize a re-do. Down to the last detail. But weddings are expensive: and it doesn’t just cost money, it takes time as well. He decided he needed help. So he let their community know what had happened to Justice and he could hardly believe what happened next. 

Support just flowed in, money and volunteers to help with flowers, table settings, makeup and hair. Before he knew it, they had a fund with nearly $10,000, and everything else they needed donated. 

Exactly one year after the original celebration, Justice and Jeremy tied the knot — again, though for Justice it felt like the very first time and it was just as magical as she’d wished for. Jeremy left nothing to chance. They gathered at a beautiful state park, deep in nature, and just let the emotional event sweep them all away.

Watch an amazing account of their whole adventure here:

With a little perseverance, love, and support, Jeremy gave Justice back the memory of one of the most important events in her life — and their life together! What a soul-mate. It’s impossible not to be inspired by determination and affection like that!


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