With nude pics, 56-year-old proves that beauty isn't a matter of age

Julie H. had just turned 50 when she decided to post nude photos of herself to an online artists' platform. "I posted my images initially as a dare to myself ― an affirmation of existence," explained the well-tattooed Texan. She'd never expected the pictures to be so popular though! 

The picture showing her holding a black bra and looking coolly into the camera was viewed over 25,000 times within just a couple of days. The now 56-year-old amateur photographer has since attracted a growing community of fans and still regularly publishes gorgeous portraits. She's proof, if you needed it, that beauty is not a matter of age. 

Baring not just her body and tattoos but also her mane of steel-gray hair, Julie described her fans: "Men and women of ALL ages (18 to 80)… tell me that I give them hope and happiness that sexy lives on as long as you own it."

"I bring them hope about the aging process and/or they are no longer frightened about growing old. They admire my courage," she recounted.

"Society assigns value and stigma on what is acceptable and what isn’t..."

"Work on being a better person and love fully. And don’t be afraid to be perfectly imperfect," is her conclusion.

Her courage sure paid off! And her photographs are living proof that sexiness and beauty are more a matter of healthy confidence than anything else.


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