Off-duty police officers cook lonely old couple a meal

With this act, these cops from Rome have touched the hearts of people all around the world. Neighbors alerted the police when they heard screams and crying coming from the apartment of elderly couple, Jole and Michele. When four men in uniform arrived at the 89-year-old and her 94-year-old husband's apartment, there was no danger or threat of burglars or domestic violence. The old couple had just watched the news, and having seen terrorist attacks, abuse in daycare centres, and other assorted bad news items, they had burst into tears, lamenting the state of the world. The police discovered that the couple was very lonely and hadn't had any visitors for a long time.

They called the paramedics to ensure that everything was ok with the couple. But the police officers realized what Jole and Michele were really missing was human contact and warmth. So the law enforcers decided to prepare a simple meal for the two — spaghetti with melted butter and cheese. The police officers all sat down together with the old woman and man in their kitchen, offering company and entertainment to the fragile, old pair. It was a small gesture but one that meant so much. Because sometimes all it takes is a little warmth and attention for those who feel forgotten. What an act of kindness from the local police!


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