Man buried alive to raise awareness about an important issue

John Edwards from Belfast, Northern Ireland, was planning to do something very unusual: he was going to be buried alive, and he had volunteered to do it! When the big moment came, he gave his wife a farewell kiss, got into the coffin and was lowered into the ground. But this wasn't any ordinary coffin. It was equipped with an air supply system, a bed, electricity and enough food for three days. That's how long John planned to spend underground, and he did it for a very good reason.

John, who is now retired, spent 20 years of his life addicted to alcohol and drugs. He ended up homeless and desperate, even trying to take his own life. He was treated in a psychiatric clinic and slowly but surely recovered. Many of his friends, however, were not as fortunate. John has been clean for the past 25 years and has dedicated his life to helping others who suffer from addiction and other psychological problems. He even started his own organization called Walking Free, and the group's latest awareness campaign is getting a lot of attention.

While John was underground, people were able to contact him for a live chat on Facebook or by telephone. "I know this is a radical move but people are continually contacting me who are either suicidal or who know friends or family who are," explained John. 

"People will communicate with me how they have navigated and overcome trauma, suicide attempts, coping with addicted children or family members as well as addiction to substance and behaviour. My plan is to speak to them from the grave before they get there and show them hope," he continued.


People from all over the world got in touch with John to show their support and share their own experiences. It was an inspiring campaign that touched the lives of many. But even though John has subsequently "risen" from the grave, his campaign is far from over. He's gone right back to what he was doing before: helping people to get their lives back on track. Considering that John himself nearly ended up in the grave several times before recovering from his addictions, it was really a very brave move to lock himself in a coffin for three days. Well done, John! Hopefully your message has helped to save at least a few lives.




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