Italian artist creates incredible works of art on human bodies

Italian artist, Johannes Stötter, was born and raised in South Tyrol near Italy’s border with Switzerland and still lives in the area. Coming from a family of musicians, Johannes clearly inherited a passion for the arts, not just music but also painting. But what he paints, with exceptional skill, is quite unusual: human bodies. 

Photo: Joachim Bergauer

Pubblicato da Johannes Stötter su Sabato 25 giugno 2016

Each of his works takes many months of preparation before it sees the light of day. His technique involves near photographic realism and the art of camouflage. Human figures merge with the objects around them, disappearing into a totally non-human context, which at the same time takes on an anthropomorphic feel. The pieces are mesmerizing. With some of them, you have to look for awhile before you realize you’re staring at human bodies! Check these out:


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Even his “still life” style defined by repetitive shapes, natural elements, conceal living beings: men and women fully painted and transformed into a fantastic optical illusion.


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This tiny video beautifully reveals the composition — and decomposition — process:


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In his hands, this art form is extraordinary. It’s incredibly intimate, but it’s no wonder people are willing to strip down and be painted by him, right?


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