Contemporary surrealist captures the beauty and ferocity of nature

Australian-based British artist Joel Rea describes himself as a contemporary surrealist painter. The surrealism movement began in the 1920s. Artists tried to capture a high level of detail in their paintings while at the same time, twisting reality so that it reflects a dream-like state.

Although it began as a revolutionary movement, now almost a hundred years later, you could almost call it a tradition. Check out some of Joel's extraordinary surrealist paintings…

Every brushstroke is made with incredible precision. 

This painting is so realistic, you almost feel as if you are there, in the depth, swimming after her… 

Do you recognize this actor? 

One of the artist's favorite themes is human interaction with an elemental or natural force. 

As in his idol Salvador Dali's paintings, the details in Joel's paintings really keep the viewer's attention. Note the shape of the shadow underneath this suspended rock.

The suspense in this painting is incredible. What do you suppose happened after this moment frozen in time?

Mankind and our daily worries seem very small against these vast backdrops.

If you'd like to see more of Joel's works, or maybe even buy a limited edition print of one of his paintings, you can visit his website here. He is also on Facebook. Enjoy!


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