Homeless man recognizes photo in car of man who helped him years ago

One night when Jimmy Cavazos of Brownsville, Texas, was headed over to the rental apartments his family owns to check on things, he had a very unusual encounter. It'll remind you that the world really is a small place, and that no good deed goes unnoticed.

Jimmy described the whole extraordinary evening later in this post:

What an amazing coincidence that Oscar landed in the truck belonging to the very many who had helped his family so profoundly those many years ago. Clearly the apple didn't fall far from the tree in Jimmy's case either. He seems to have just as big a heart as his dad.

It's a beautiful thing that in this case the kindness — and the gratitude — did in fact make their way to the right destination. (Though it does make me want to thank a few people now, before it's too late.) Don't miss the best quote of all, his dad's under the picture below!


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