The internet celebrates the most dedicated plumber in the world

This is Jimmie Fox. Well, the lower half of him in any case. The young man works for the public utilities company in Granbury, Texas. This snapshot of him that went whizzing around the internet like a rocket and made Jimmie a star.

Andrea Adams took the photo that made Jimmie famous: it shows the dedicated plumber flat on the ground and plunged headfirst into a mud puddle in front of a woman's house whose pipe had burst. Some might find Jimmy's full-body solution above and beyond the call of duty, but at least he was able to fix the leak that would have otherwise flooded half the neighborhood.

The picture of Jimmie's emergency repair job received enthusiastic accolades from across the country. Mike Rowe, moderator of the television show "Dirty Jobs," wrote Jimmie saying that he wanted to buy him a beer. Jeans company Wrangler, noticing he was sporting a pair of their jeans, not only offered him a new pair, but provided him with work gear for an entire year! I wonder how many pairs of jeans that will end up being? Even though so many people have been inspired by his amazing work ethic, Jimmie's feet remain firmly planted on the ground — as he sees it, he was simply doing his job.

Jimmie puts his body and soul into his work. I'm sure many employers wish they could bottle his passionate commitment!




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