45-year-old gives birth to her own grandson

Most mothers would do anything for their children and Julie Bradford of South Wales in the U.K. is no exception. So when her daughter Jessica found out that she would not be able to have children, Julie was determined to do everything necessary to help her daughter fulfill her dream of becoming a parent.

When she was just 18 Jessica went to the doctor suffering from vaginal bleeding. She told the doctor that intercourse was painful for her and after some testing the initial diagnosis was a venereal disease. But after five consultations and further testing, Jessica received the real, shocking diagnosis: cervical cancer. When she was told that this would prevent her from ever having children, Jessica refused to give up and decided to have her eggs extracted and frozen before starting the radiation therapy.

After three long years of therapy Jessica's cancer finally went into remission. She was now 21 years old and hadn't given up on her dream of becoming a mother. Her eggs were preserved and now she simply had to find a surrogate. But who?

Whom could she trust with that kind of responsibility? Fortunately Jessica didn't have to look very far. When she told her mother that she was ready to have the eggs fertilized, Julie immediately offered to be her surrogate. Jessica couldn't have been happier.

Julie was 45 and had already given birth to three children. Although she was a bit older, she was also very fit and her body was ready for the challenge. Thankfully the pregnancy went smoothly and at the beginning of December, 2016, Julie gave birth to her grandson Jack. And when she handed him to Jessica, both women were overcome with emotion. It was a very unique birth, to say the least.

Years after being told that she would never have children of her own, Jessica and her husband Rees Jenkins are now the proud parents of a darling little boy and all thanks to Julie. "My mum is the most brave and amazing woman in the world. I love her so much for giving me my son. From a young age I longed to become a mother and our dream has come true. Jack is perfect in every way," said Jessica.

Jessica is now trying to raise awareness among young women about the importance of pap smears and regular testing to spot health problems before they become life-threatening. Her cervical cancer did not take her life but it did take her fertility. Amazingly, she was able to save her eggs and with the help of her loving mother, she fulfilled her dream of motherhood after all.

It's not your average situation — there aren't many children out there who can say that their grandmother gave birth to them — but for Jessica, Julie, Jack and Rees it's a family. And that's all that really matters.


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