Frightening: Little girl suffered heatstroke symptoms during nap

A lot of the time we are completely unaware of the many dangers everyday life presents, and for our sanity it's probably best this way. This is particularly true of parents who could literally worry themselves sick, thinking about all the potential accidents and incidents that could harm their children. But in the case of Jennifer Abma, there was absolutely no way she could've ever foreseen the terrible consequences of her daughter's seemingly harmless actions.

It all started when her young daughter, Anastasia, decided to put herself down for an afternoon nap.


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To begin with, there was no real cause for concern. Jennifer had no idea how hot her daughter's bedroom was until she went to wake her up. Completely horrified, she found her soaked in sweat, red-faced and boiling hot. 

It took them 20 minutes to wake her up. "It was the scariest moment I've had to imagine," recalls the mother, who immediately called for an ambulance. 

The emergency services found Anastasia's glucose levels to be much lower than they should have been. She had suffered heatstroke symptoms even though she hadn't been outside in the sun. Fortunately, she was given immediate medical attention and was soon back up on her feet after a seriously scary moment.

Now, the relieved mom has shared the picture of her sick child on social media channels to warn other parents of the dangers of overheating. Heatstroke doesn't necessarily have to come from direct sunlight — it can just as easily happen in a confined space like an overheated car or in Anastasia's case a hot, stuffy room. Small children and the elderly are particularly at risk, so it's always best to check the rooms to make sure they are cool and well ventilated.

Luckily, everything turned out well for this family and hopefully others will now take Jennifer's warning to heart.




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