Woman thrown out of gym — because her breasts were too exposed?

Jenna Vecchio from Ottawa, Canada, put on her workout clothes and headed to the fitness club. At first it was like any other workout, but then she was approached by two gym employees who informed her that her outfit was "inappropriate. " According to them, her outfit did not conform to the fitness club's rules and made other members and employees uncomfortable. She was told that she would have to put on a T-shirt if she wanted to continue her workout.

Jenna looked down at her tank top and yoga pants, not understanding what the problem was. She was so angry after leaving the club that she posted some photos of her outfit on Facebook, explaining her side of the story. Having your body called attention to like that can feel really humiliating.

The post was shared over 5,000 times by women from all over the world who considered this a form of "body shaming." When the fitness club Movati Athletic felt the backlash, their PR agency released this statement:

"While it may not have been intentional, Ms. Vecchio's attire was not as modest as she has suggested via the images she shared recently on Facebook and through media interviews, and caused multiple members to feel uncomfortable and voice their concerns to our staff. Following Ms. Vecchio's own social media postings on this matter, we conducted a thorough investigation which included first-hand accounts from members and other staff, and a follow-up meeting with Jenna herself, who seemed to leave the facility feeling as though she had expressed her position. Upon conclusion of our interviews, we stand by the original decision that confirms that Ms. Vecchio was dressed inconsistently with our code of conduct. The Movati staff never indicated Ms. Vecchio's style of shirt was not appropriate – it was the lack of coverage that was the issue as she exercised adjacent to other members. While in no way did we mean to embarrass Ms. Vecchio, we did feel it necessary to address the situation with her due to member discomfort. Although our staff were professional and discreet in their approach, and followed our process of not asking a member to leave or conclude a workout, she and her husband chose to escalate the matter publicly."

It looks like there are two very different sides to this story. While we'll never know what really happened, it raises an interesting problem. What do you think: should people cover up a bit or wear as little as they want at the gym? And was Jenna too exposed, or were the gym employees oversensitive?


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