Father beats up friend who sexually assaulted his one-year-old

The parents thought nothing of having Jayson Newlun keep an eye on their sleeping one-year-old daughter. The 26-year-old from Missouri was a family friend and they only wanted to make a quick trip to the store. After 15 minutes on the road though, they noticed that they had forgotten something at home and turned around. Back at the house, the mother then discovered the babysitter in her daughter's bedroom.


Jayson was found masturbating while touching the one-year-old girl's private parts. The father immediately ran into the room when he heard his partner screaming. When he saw what his supposed friend was doing to his innocent daughter, he saw red and hit the child molester with a dresser drawer. A neighbor had to step in to pull the father off Jayson.

Police arrested the bloodied 26-year-old, who is now awaiting trial. "I hope you go down for this," the mother allegedly told the man they once trusted before police took him away. Jayson replied, "I do, too." 




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