Boy saves mother's life by delivering baby brother

Jayden Fontenot, a 10-year-old schoolboy from Louisiana, defied his tender years to do something truly amazing for his mother. When disaster struck, he remained calm and knew exactly what to do.

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At the family home, Jayden's mom Ashly Moreau went into labor while she was using the bathroom. This came as shock to the 36-year-old who wasn't due for another six weeks. Everything seemed to happen so suddenly with Ashly now bleeding profusely and realizing that she was already in the process of giving birth.

Her fiancé, Kelsey Richard, had already left home for work, so Jayden was the only one at home she could call out to. Upon hearing her cries, the young boy ran to the bathroom to see his mother in a stricken state. Unflustered by what he saw, Jayden said he would do anything that needed to be done for his frightened mom. The baby was in the dangerous breech breech position — where the child's feet come out of the birth canal first — and Ashly was losing a lot of blood. Recognizing the dangers, Jayden got down on his knees in front of his mother and gently pulled on his baby brother's legs.

Once the baby was finally out, Jayden noticed his little brother wasn't breathing. The quick-thinking 10-year-old rushed off to find his sister's nasal aspirator and used it to pump air into the dying baby's lungs. Thankfully, this saved his brother's life.

When medical staff arrived, they saw that mother and baby were in grave danger. Without Jayden's intervention, the baby probably wouldn't have survived. The two were rushed off to hospital and are now in good health.

Showing incredible bravery, Jayden refused to be overcome by anything throughout the ordeal — all at such a young age, too. It's an experience that'll remain with him for the rest of his life and may make him consider becoming a doctor in the future. Baby Daxx will also have the opportunity to thank his brother once he's old enough to understand what happened. We wish Jayden and his family all the best for future! 


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