Students startle homeless man by joining him — and bringing music

We all walk through life. Some people even run. Isolated. Everyone for themselves. And they thereby forget about others. But, today is the day that we want to do something different. Three students aren’t just talking about change, but they are trying to bring it about. In their own way.

Most of us have a lot to do. Responsibilities to fulfill. Bills to pay. People to write and call back. Work to get done. Deadlines... the list goes on.

So we hurry from one thing to the next and we don't always notice those around us. Especially the unfortunate. Homeless people, those reduced to begging on the street are often the forgotten, the invisible members of society. In fact, we don't even really treat them like members of our society — they're outsiders.

But a group of students decided to include them. They started a little organization and one of their early efforts touched so many people around the world, it went viral. Check it out:

They named themselves after the first initials of the four founders names (J.A.P.Y.) but in German, "japy" sounds a lot like "happy"... thus "Be japy!"

Their gesture in this video is just that, a gesture. They don't appear to get to know the homeless man or connect with him on any more personal level. In fact, he looks pretty baffled and a bit uncomfortable throughout. But music is a powerful language and you can see that, at least for a few minutes, the four people sitting there together are... together. They acknowledged the homeless man and showed that they all share the same human dignity.

And it's true — that gets forgotten in our busy lives and busy world today. A gesture of respect and togetherness is a great place to start!

Here's their mission statement. Take a look and let us know what you think!

We are a community that creates more humanity through good deeds in our daily lives. With global networking, we inspire each other, and create a WE that activates and motivates itself.

Through small acts in daily life we not only make people happy but also create a positive experience, surprises and more humanity. We do not just talk about it, we do it! In short: We spread Japyness.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, how old you are or what religion you belong to. Our actions focus on the people. You can take part in it with very simple means and become part of our community.

A good deed not only makes the helped person happy but also the person who is helping. Doing good makes happy. No single person can make our world a better place in just one day. But the sum of many individual acts has the power to set the wheels in motion. Let’s ensure more humanity together!


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