Gruesome: Mother discovers bite marks on her small child's back

We are all told that our children will be lovingly and conscientiously taken care of in daycare and kindergarten. So it's even more terrible when we find out we have trusted the wrong people.

When Jannica Holmberg from Sweden picked up her one-and-a-half-year-old son from nursery one afternoon, everything there seemed quite normal. The childcare workers greeted her as usual and nobody mentioned that anything out of the ordinary had been going on.

She picked up her small son and on the way out, passed another three care workers who she spoke to briefly. Again, they behaved completely normally.

That evening, it was bath time for her little boy. But when Jannica took off his sweater, she noticed something disturbing. At first, she could not remove the sweater from her child's back — it seemed to be stuck. Jannica carefully peeled the fabric from his skin and then she froze in horror.

Her son's back was covered with angry red bite marks. They were deep and brutal, about half of them were bleeding. In total, the shocked parents counted 15 bites on the back of their little boy.

It was not the first time their son had been injured at daycare. A week before, he had fallen on his face, damaging two of his milk teeth so badly that they had to be removed.

Now he had obviously been attacked and bitten by another child — possibly even more. Jannica was utterly distraught. The attack must have lasted quite a while. Why had no one noticed her son being grabbed and tormented? He must have screamed and cried terribly — why had no one noticed and investigated what was wrong with him?

Jannica and her partner have not yet decided if and how they should take action against the workers at the daycare center.

Poor little boy. Hopefully, everyone responsible for his suffering will be quickly and definitively brought to justice.




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