A father declares unexpected vows to his new wife's daughter

Janna Lamb was removing snow from her driveway to get her car out when a man named Clifton offered to help her. This was the beginning of a love story that led Janna and Clifton to the altar. But Janna was not alone: she had a daughter named Jayda from a previous relationship.

Clifton was well aware of what this meant. He knew that if he married Janna, he was also making a promise of unconditional love to her daughter. So he decided to do something special on the day of their wedding:

It was a 14-carat white gold ring! It's clear that the promise Clifton made to his new daughter was very serious. With this attitude, it's clear that Janna, Clifton and little Jayda will form a strong family. Bravo for them!




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