A vlogger and a homeless man set off a chain reaction of kindness

In 2015, vlogger  and author Leon Logothetis embarked on GoBeKind tour of the United States in partnership with the travel company Trivago. The idea was to start a chain reaction of "Pay it Forward"-type acts of kindness.

In this fourth instalment of the series, Leon encounters James Moss, a New Yorker who had recently relocated to Denver to take advantage of a new job opportunity. Unfortunately, no sooner had he arrived from across the country when all of his plans started to disintegrate. James found himself suddenly homeless. But his luck was about to change once again...

That isn't where the story ends, however. When a Kansas woman who saw the video set up a GoFundMe site for James, within 24 hours, $15,000 dollars was raised to help him. The sum soon swelled to over $56,000.


James was so overwhelmed by the willingness of people to help that he decided to give something back:

“Anyone can easily end up in this situation,” James said. 

His story shows that one small act of kindness can create a ripple effect that may help others all over the world. Sometimes all one has to do is reach out and help. 


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