10-year-old almost dies after bike accident

Tiffany Rivera is a young mother of two living in West Palm Beach, FL. Last year, her son Jaden was riding his bike without a helmet when he fell off. At first, he seemed to have only a few light aches and scratches. A few days later, Jaden's condition took a turn for the worse. Tiffany shared the following message on Facebook:  

In 2010 in the U.S, 400 people under the age of 20 died in bicycle accidents. Annually, 26,000 children and adolescents suffer traumatic brain injuries due to bicycle-related injuries.

Jaden's accident and recovery is an important lesson for all of us. Not only should parents make sure their kids wear helmets when cycling, they should also protect themselves (not to mention set a good example!) by wearing one.


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