Controversial picture showing how menstruation is seen as "gross"

Jade Beall works as a photographer in Tucson, Arizona. Her work encourages and empowers women to not be afraid about revealing their "flaws" and to embrace their natural appearances. She recently took to Instagram and shared a photo of herself bleeding through her own clothes:

Next to her Instagram photo, the photographer shared some viewers' comments: "I am told I am gross... an embarrassment to real women." Just a few of the criticisms she received as a result of this very honest self-portrait. "This self-portrait is a diagram of how the world reminds me every single day how gross I am," she wrote. "Menstrual blood is gross. (But violent and gory bloody movies are normal)," she added.

She continued her point stating that along with menstrual blood, cellulite, fat rolls, small breasts and pimples are all deemed 'gross', even though changing them sometimes requires extensive treatments that can have serious consequences.

"It's no wonder so many of us struggle with depression and with feeling unworthy to feel divine and sacred when we have been ingrained to believe just how gross we are by simply being us: Women, with beating hearts and waves of emotion and years of living, crying, loving, struggling, succeeding, birthing, grieving, aging," she wrote.

"If I see you in a supermarket and you have stained the back of your white dress with menstrual blood, I will come tell you how beautiful you are!" she wrote. "If I see your cellulite, I will compliment the beautiful aliveness of your skin and ask if you wanna see mine!" she added.

Jade Beall is attempting to portray things otherwise considered distasteful or taboo as perfectly natural human functions. We're only given one body in this life and it enables us to do so many amazing things — if that's not reason enough for us to love and embrace our bodies, I don't what is.


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