Pit bull saves pregnant owner from having miscarriage

Jade Ambrose and her fiancé Paul Stacey from Leeds, England couldn't wait to meet their new baby. Up until recently it had just been them and their pit bull puppy, Lola. Jade and Lola shared a very close relationship. The puppy joined the family when Jade was in her 20th week of pregnancy. Lola would regularly snuggle up to Jade's belly as if she knew someone was growing inside, and she'd lick her owner whenever the baby kicked.

One night during her 33rd week of pregnancy, Jade got in bed next to Paul as usual. She wasn't in any pain or discomfort, but in the middle of the night she woke up to Lola barking. At first she thought Lola had seen something outside, but then Jade saw that the puppy was sitting right in front of her. Then Jade realized that her sheets were covered in blood and other fluids. Jade and Paul immediately rushed to the hospital, fearful that Jade was having a miscarriage.

Thankfully the doctors were able to stop the bleeding and Jade carried her baby for another eight weeks. Five days after her due date, Jade underwent a C-section and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. They called him Oliver.

The parents hope that the close relationship between their dog and baby will last a lifetime. "We are going to let Oliver know what Lola did for him. She's amazing!" said Jade.

Lola has even been recognized for her efforts. Jade entered her in a "Pet Hero" competition put on by a local pet supply shop and she won!

Lola did a remarkable thing by rescuing this mother and baby. What an amazing animal!


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