Moving: Mother receives "sign" while visiting her dead son's grave

Jack Robinson was only four years old when a brain tumor took his life in April of 2014. His twin brother, his older sister and his parents miss him terribly — his death a left a huge hole in their hearts.


On the third anniversary of Jack's death, his mother Marie visited his grave near their home in Hampshire, England. At the graveside she bent down and prayed: "Jack, please show mummy a sign." What she then filmed with her cell phone camera moved her to tears.

A robin redbreast suddenly landed on Jack's gravestone and then flew over and landed on his mother's hand. "He kept looking at me directly in my face and at one point he landed on my shoulder and nibbled me a couple of times. It brought me to tears. Taking it as a sign from Jack," remembers Marie.

The perky little bird reminded Marie of the son she had lost. It seemed like this little creature was now looking out for him, watching over his grave and bonding with his family. In their hearts Jack will always remain alive. It was an amazing moment that offered a grieving mother some much needed consolation.


Yahoo News


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