What this cat did to a sick baby will melt your heart

It keeps on happening — the extraordinary connection between humans and animals. It's a special bond and once it's there, it usually persists to the (sometimes bitter) end. That's the case in the touching story of Siggy the cat and a gravely ill baby called Isaac.

The two met for the first time shortly after Isaac was born. The baby came 13 days late with a terrible cardiac defect. Isaac's mom Kirsty remembers the moment vividly: "When we came home that same night he met Siggy for the first time. Siggy sniffed him, rubbed his head and fell asleep next to us."

But the doctors had bad news for the new parents: Isaac's heart defect was worse than they had thought. They needed to operate as soon as possible. So the little boy had open-heart surgery at age 12 weeks — a very risky procedure.

Even when Isaac survived the operation and came home, it wasn't a sure thing that he would be OK. And that's when Siggy stepped in so poignantly, watching out for Isaac and taking care of him. He wouldn't leave the baby's side and protected him while he was recovering.

All the love and devotion seems to have paid off. Isaac continued to improve with Siggy's attentive nursing, until it became clear: everything was going to be all right. As far as Kirsty is concerned, not least thanks to the cat. Isaac certainly noticed that he had a very special guardian angel. Here Siggy is, holding his "little brother's" hand.  

Today Isaac is a lively, healthy little boy. But one thing hasn't changed: the two are inseparable and can usually be found snuggling together somewhere cozy.

What a sweet pair! Isaac must be glad to have such a great guardian and friend at his side. The fact that Siggy shares a very special bond with him is obvious in every shot! 


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