Man constipated for years undergoes drastic surgery

WARNING: This article contains images that some readers may find disturbing.

When a young man from Shanghai began to suffer from constipation, he wasn't particularly concerned. But when the problem didn't go away and started to get painful, he knew he needed medical attention. Doctors have concluded that the man was suffering from Hirschsprung's disease, a congenital colon disease that makes normal bowel movements impossible.

The man had been relying on laxatives for years, but eventually even they didn't work anymore. After several years of severe constipation, his abdomen was so swollen that he looked like a pregnant woman.

When the suffering became unbearable, the 22-year-old finally made the decision to have surgery. Dr. Yin Lu from the 10th People Hospital in Shanghai successfully removed a section of the clogged intestine during a long and complicated operation.

Even the experienced surgeon was shocked by what he took out of his patient — the clogged part of the intestine was 30 inches long and weighed over 28 lbs!

"It looked like to could explode at any time," stated Dr. Lu. What a horrifying discovery!

But at least the story has a happy ending. The young man is obviously very relieved to be finally free of the burden and is recovering well. Hopefully he can now look forward to a long and healthy life full of very satisfying bowel movements!


The Sun


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