Two siblings fell in love and now they're expecting a baby

Daniel and Ana Parra are very much in love and the couple from Spain have been in a relationship for three years. But there's a problem: Ana is now pregnant with their first child. Why is that a problem? Well, the fact that they share a last name is because they're related, not because they're married.

Ana's father left her with her mother when she was only a child, but she heard rumors that he had a child with another woman. When she was 20, Ana took to the internet and managed to find her brother, Daniel, through Facebook. "Two days later we met up and since then we have not separated," he says.

The friendship between the two half-siblings was strong. They had a lot in common and got along really well. Then one day the relationship turned into something more than friendship. "We were partying and we kissed," says Daniel. At first, of course, they were both in shock. But, despite being half-siblings, Daniel and Ana had met when they were both older and were unable to deny their feelings for one another.

To avoid criticism they kept their romance a secret until they decided it was time to stop hiding and proclaimed their love for each other to the entire country — the couple confessed to their incestuous relationship on a live Spanish TV show.

Their forbidden love sparked opinions both for and against the relationship. Many supported them and considered the declaration a romantic gesture, but many others called them "sinners" and sent them threats. "I do not talk to my mother, but they told me she did not take it very well," Ana says. But the father they both share says he is happy and proud.

Now Ana is 28 and works as a store assistant, and Daniel is 25 and works in a supermarket. The couple share a house, a dog, a father, and soon they'll share even more — in about 12 weeks Ana will give birth to their first child!

This is where things get even more complicated: babies born of incestuous relationships are 25% more likely to inherit any illnesses that exist in their family tree. In addition, only Ana can appear on the baby's birth certificate as the mother, legally Daniel can only be its uncle.

As in most countries, marriage between siblings is not legal in Spain, but they would still like to have what Daniel calls a "fake celebration," a symbolic party that would celebrate their union, one between two siblings in love.

Although their relationship is very unusual, it seems obvious that the pair are very much in love. And revealing their relationship to the world was certainly no small step. What do you think? Would you criticize or support them?


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