Stillborn baby whose heart stopped beating for eight minutes is cooled down and recovers completely

When little Willow Rose was born, her parents Bex and Martin were forced to live out their worst nightmare as Willow Rose's heart stopped beating. After a completely healthy pregnancy, the baby had to be born via c-section when her heartbeat began to slow suddenly during contractions. And just after she was born, her heart stopped.

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While doctors did everything they could to revive Willow Rose, the disoriented Bex kept asking, "I can't hear her cry. What's wrong? Why isn't she crying?" The longer the silence lasted, the worse it got for the desperate parents.

Eight long, painful minutes later, doctors were relieved to measure a tiny heartbeat. Bex and Martin looked on as their 7 lb daughter was placed into an incubator and rolled past them to the ICU.


A team of specialists was brought in. They quickly decided to begin a revolutionary new procedure known as "cold therapy." They wrapped Willow Rose in a tiny cooling suit and attached her to a machine that lowered her body temperature down to 92°F. This was intended to prevent her brain from suffering any permanent damage after not getting any oxygen for eight minutes. She remained in this cooled state for three days. Her parents couldn't even hold her in their arms. They were only allowed to touch her small hand.

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"She didn't cry at all during the first four weeks. She had so many tubes running into her throat, she didn't even know how to cry. It sounds strange but all I wanted was to hear her cry like normal," said Bex.

On the fourth day, Willow Rose's body temperature slowly rose. The whole body cooling had achieved the unbelievable: She has not suffered any brain damage. Fifteen months after her birth, Willow Rose is doing exceptionally well. Bex and Martin are very happy. She's developing normally and is a bright, cheerful little girl.

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Parents Bex and Martin are unbelievably relieved and grateful. Here they recount what they had to go through until they were able to hold their daughter in their arms:

How lucky we are that medicine is now so advanced that we are able to achieve things previously thought impossible such as providing a baby like Willow Rose the best start on her way to a happy, normal childhood.


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