Scandalous! Doctor rubs his genitals on a sleeping woman's face

A few days ago a scene was captured on video that caused severe outrage. It shows a doctor doing something horrible to a woman while she is sleeping in one of the hospital waiting areas. The footage is so shocking and upsetting that it's almost unbelievable that someone could do something like this. In case you need proof that sexual crimes are real:

The video taken during the night shift on January 26, 2017, shows Dr. Javier Mauricio Cuba. He is standing in the hallway in front of a patient's family member who is sleeping on a bench in the waiting area. She had managed to stay awake as long as she could but as the night wore on she grew tired and curled up for some sleep.

Then, almost out of nowhere, the doctor approaches her and appears to be holding something in his hand. He begins stroking the woman's face with the object. But what is this thing he's holding so close to his groin? Closer inspection of the video revealed the truth: it was his penis!

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It seems almost unbelievable, but unfortunately it's true. The doctor had rubbed his genitals on the sleeping stranger's face. Disgusting! Witnesses to this sexual abuse observed the doctor repeating this repulsive act four times before they were able to start filming. "I don't understand how he can be so shameless!" commented one of the witnesses. When the video was made public, Cuba was so bombarded with angry messages that he deleted his Facebook account — though one photo remained.

The hospital manager has started a full investigation into the incident and has publicly apologized several times. He also finds it hard to believe that a doctor in his hospital would be capable of such despicable acts. Cuba is now facing a disciplinary hearing and a decision is expected soon. 

One thing is for sure: this shady character committed a predatory sex crime and the video proves it. Hopefully he feels the full weight of the law and is banned from practicing medicine. Because no one who is capable of committing such a heinous act should be the person that others turn to when they are most in need of help and care.



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