This guy flipped out when he saw the note someone left him

Pedro, a 27-year-old from Murcia, Spain, shared a story on Facebook that surprised many. After parking his motorcycle on the street, he dropped his keys without noticing. A few hours later when he realized that he didn’t have them on him, he went back to where he’d parked his bike. What he found there left him stunned.

As he approached his bike, hoping to find his keys on the ground somewhere around it, he discovered a piece of paper instead. "When I returned, I found the note and some construction workers told me they had seen a man take the keys," said Pedro. The note read: "Hello, my name is Paco. I have the keys to your motorbike. Don’t worry, I will be on Communards Street until 7pm and live at Jesús Abandonado..." Interrogation

Paco could have stolen his bike, because he knew which one it was and had the keys. He could have sold it and made a little money, or simply used it himself to get around the city. But he didn’t. And it means even more when you find out that Paco is homeless. After the Spanish economic crisis, Paco lost the company he’d founded with his brother and brother-in-law. Unable to pay the debt, he now lives in a shelter and survives off charitable donations. But Paco refused to accept any money from Pedro when he went to pick up his keys.

Pedro was really touched by Paco's gesture, and uploaded a picture of the note to Facebook, which has already received more than 16,000 likes.

Paco doesn’t consider himself a hero. He did, and he quotes, "what anyone else would have done in my place. I wouldn’t have liked it if someone had done something bad to me. You have to have some dignity."

This destitute man’s altruistic act has caused a huge furor, to the point that the local media reported on it. The foundation “Jesús Abandonado”, where he is temporarily sheltered, provided a phone number for anyone interested in assisting Paco. By helping a stranger that selflessly, Paco definitely deserves a happy ending. Bankrupt at the bank sure doesn't mean bankrupt at heart. Let's see where a Good Samaritan turns up next!




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