Homeless man dies while rescuing a hostage in front of cathedral

In September 2015, a horrendous bloodbath occurred directly in front of the doors of the famous São Paulo Cathedral.

A young woman was on her way to the bank when she suddenly got ambushed by the armed Luiz Antonio da Silva and taken hostage. The man with the pistol, who had spent a total of 22 years in prison for theft and assault dragged the dark-haired woman brutally to the hard marble ground. He held the pistol to her head while the woman screamed for her life.

Warning: Some viewers may find the following images disturbing. 

Youtube/Tell Me The Truth 2015

The dangerous man held the woman in a chokehold for an entire hour while hundreds watched in fear. The police didn't dare to intervene, out of fear of endangering the hostage. But suddenly someone lunged at the armed assailant from out of nowhere: it was 61-year-old homeless Erasmo Francisco Rodrigues de Lima. Erasmo and the hostage taker engaged in a brawl with each other while the young woman was able to flee. But during the wrangling Luiz Antonio shot the fearless rescuer in the chest.

Youtube/Tell Me The Truth 2015

The police exploited the chance to bring the hostage to safety and gun down the assailant. Luiz Antonio da Silva, who supposedly had just finished praying in the cathedral 20 minutes prior, died on the steps. The fearless hero Erasmo watched — barely able to stand — while the large blood spot on his chest spread. Then he collapsed on the floor by the cathedral door. 

Youtube/Tell Me The Truth 2015

As the police stormed the scene, it was already too late: the heroic homeless man was dead. Killed while saving a woman he didn't even know. Thousands were unbelievably touched around the world by this selfless action: they called for a proper burial to honor this man after his death.

Here you can see the video as witness to this gruesome hostage crisis in São Paulo:

What a terrible bloodbath. Erasmo Francisco was honored and celebrated as a national hero, as he rightfully deserved to be. 


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