Terrified dog calms down after being rescued

Holly the dog clearly hasn't had an easy life. She was found shaking out on the streets. The animal rescue team from Hope for Paws was called in to save her. The volunteer who went to pick her up found her huddled against a door looking terrified. There is no question that this dog was traumatized.

Holly wouldn't let anyone get near her. She growled and barked, trying to get everyone to back away.


Thankfully, her rescuer was a patient person and was willing to spend more than 30 minutes coaxing the dog. Eventually, he was able to get hold of Holly; she was finally safe. The dog was taken back to the rescue shelter to be cleaned up and fed. That's where she'll stay until she finds a forever home with a loving family.

Here’s a video of her rescue showing the incredible patience and determination of her rescuers:

Looks like she isn't so shy anymore. She's been given a new lease on life!


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