13 fascinating images from the past

This gallery throws the spotlight on forgotten or neglected moments from the past, giving us a peek at rarely seen snapshots in time. You are taken on a journey through almost 150 years of history encompassing different countries, cultures and events of varying significance. It's time to look back on a past charged with emotion and let each image tell its own fascinating story.

This is a "mug shot" of François Bertillon, the son of Alphonse Bertillon, who was the man responsible for standardizing photos of wanted persons. In 1893, young François was "caught" red-handed taking bites out of all the pears in a basket! 

imgur/Alphonse Bertillon

This photo actually avoids conforming to clichés regarding clothing in the Far East: a Korean in traditional dress wearing a horsehair bamboo hat in 1885.

imgur/National Maritime Museum

This black sea bass tips the scales at an impressive 384 lbs. Franklin Schenck was responsible for the magnificent catch near Catalina Island in California around 1900.


A Korean fisherman enjoys a well deserved break (around 1904). This is how you chilled out 100 years ago.

imgur/Cornell University Library

Madame Decourcelle wrote her name in the history books by becoming the first female taxi driver to chauffeur passengers around Paris from 1909.


This image shows the strain in relations between Democrats and Republicans in a different light as party members attempt to avoid the barrage of snowballs from their opponents. The "battle" was documented at the Capitol in Washington D.C. 

imgur/Library of Congress

This image depicting former Australian POWs after their rescue remains just as shocking today. The photo was taken in Singapore in 1945 after the men were released from a Japanese POW camp.

imgur/Z. Oliver

A former inmate at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp is doused with DDT insecticide in 1945. This was done to kill lice that were spreading typhus.

imgur/Sgt. Hewitt

An American soldier holding an injured dog during the Battle of Khe Sanh in Vietnam in 1968.


A flight attendant offers Scandinavian Airlines passengers an unusual selection of snacks. The photo was taken in 1969.


The famous "Boy and Puppy" image by Robert Doisneau, taken in 1969. Observant readers will probably recognize this to be the forecourt to the Louvre in Paris. 

imgur/Robert Doisneau

You don't just need space inside the car for passengers: a group of hippies make their way to the Summer Jam in Watkins Glen, New York in 1973.


Aside from this year's Women's March, these are scenes you rarely see. The women in this picture were protesting against the reintroduction of the headscarf after the Iranian Revolution in 1979. 

imgur/Hengameh Golestan

These images from across the globe show us around a hundred years of history coming to life. Whether they're everyday pictures, battlegrounds, or memorable events from the previous two centuries, these photos are truly fascinating and deserve a second look. 




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