Moving: Sad dog from humane society makes brilliant transformation

Volunteers from the High Plains Humane Society often post photos of animals that are up for adoption on their Facebook page. They especially try to find homes for animals who are in so-called "kill shelters" that euthanize animals if they run out of space. In one shelter in Portales, New Mexico, they came across a living being whose look touched them in a deep place.

Twitter/Akademika Punk

The deep sadness they saw behind this dog's eyes broke their heart. It seemed as though every ounce of her being cried out: Get me out of here! When they posted this photo, they were immediately overwhelmed with calls and requests to adopt the pup. Finally, the beautiful dog got what she needed: a loving new home.

Facebook/High Plains Humane Society

What a wonderful happy end to this story! She looks like a whole different animal!


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