Spine-chilling: photo captures eerie figure behind curtain of flames

The Empey family from Bonneville County, Idaho, was surrounded by flames — a forest fire was drawing ever closer and threatened to destroy their ranch. Bruce and his wife Jeanette prepared themselves to evacuate their home and property. When the fire had almost reached their front door, Bruce and his son saw something unbelievable in the flames. 

They could hardly believe their eyes, but right in the middle of the raging inferno, a human form appeared. The Empeys immediately snapped a photo of the "apparition" and took it for a good sign. Indeed, the family's ranch was spared from the forest fire.

Jeanette titled the photo "The Fireman's Guardian" and posted it on the internet. This led to all kinds of wild speculation as to what the image could be. Whatever is behind the mysterious phenomenon, the Empeys are grateful to have survived the disaster.




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