Internet uproar: Photo of scar from an operation that saved two lives

Pictured is a three-day-old baby sleeping in her mother’s lap. What's exceptional about this photo is that just inches above his head, you can see the still fresh scar that was the result of an emergency cesarean section. The mother had a something very specific in mind when she had this photo done: “[She] wanted something to show that her biggest fear was what in the end saved both of them. I think she will see that scar and appreciate the life they were given.”

The photographer, Helen Carmina of the Channel Islands, specializes in photos of pregnant or new mothers and their babies. Normally she gets about 100 likes on her pictures that she posts on Facebook. But she never expected what this photo triggered. So far it’s collected more than 200,000 likes!

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Opinions on the photo are split. Many people rejected the picture and reported it to Facebook, wanting the picture removed. But why? The woman is anonymous. One only sees a moment of pure life and vitality and the marks it leaves behind. Maybe this photo will help other women to overcome their fear of such a lifesaving procedure.

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