Creepy man hacks baby monitor, yells at sleeping baby

It was midnight. 

The wind was blowing through the trees outside the Schreck family’s home in Cincinnati, shaking the branches, rattling at the windows. The moon had risen and the witching hour approached. Adam and Heather Schreck were sleeping peacefully and all was quiet, until suddenly…

“Wake up, baby! WAKE UP!”

Heather slowly opened her eyes. Had she heard a voice? Or had she dreamed it…? 


OK, it was real. She’d definitely just heard that. It was a man’s voice but when she looked over at her husband, he was still sound asleep. 

Confused and frightened, Heather grabbed her smartphone and look at the baby monitor app. The young parents had installed a camera in 10-month-old Emma’s room so they could keep an eye on her.

There was Emma, also sleeping normally. But then Heather realized that the baby room camera, which was programmed to follow Emma’s movement, was moving erratically. She woke up Adam, who ran straight to Emma's room. When he entered, he was stunned. "WAKE UP, BABY!" yelled a man’s voice again — but there wasn’t anyone in the room. Only Emma, now sitting up awake, and terrified.

Now the camera literally turned from the baby to Adam and the voice started shouting obscenities at him. It hit Adam what was happening: someone had hacked the camera and was spying on them! He instantly disabled the device and the couple called the police. It turned out to be impossible to track down what must be the creepiest hacker ever, or to find out how long he’d been watching their baby. But at least now they knew they would need to take much better precautions!

According to the camera manufacturer, this kind of hacking is unfortunately not that uncommon. Any device connected to the internet can be easily hacked if its security isn’t very up-to-date. Device companies like this one constantly update their security measures, but in the end it’s also up to users to protect their devices properly, changing passwords and downloading security updates promptly. A clever hacker could even use the baby camera to get access to the family’s other more sensitive data. Heather and Adam learned this lesson the hard way!

At least we can learn the lesson with them and cover up our cameras when we’re not using them — plus choose smart passwords and remember to do the necessary updates on our devices! But you still have to wonder: what kind of people have nothing better to do than hack into baby monitors and spy on sleeping babies?!


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