Parents who lost their daughter hear her heart beat again

Taylor Storch was only 13 years old when she lost her life in a tragic skiing accident. Her sudden and untimely death was a shock for her family, friends, and local community. In the agonizing moments after they learned of Taylor's death, her parents made a decision that would save five lives. They donated her organs so that others with life-threatening illnesses would have a chance at a healthy and prolonged life. Three years after the devastating accident, her mother fulfilled a wish that had been with her since that decision: she met the woman who received Taylor’s heart.

What a beautiful moment to witness. Coping with the unexpected death of a child isn't something that any parent is prepared for and the grief must be unimaginable. But knowing that their daughter's organs have lived on and restored health to so many others has been a comfort to Taylor's family. Information on registering to be an organ donor can be found here.


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