Old woman heals people by licking their eyeballs

In a rural part of Bosnia-Herzegovina lives an 80-year-old woman named Hava Celebic. She's retired but she still performs a certain professional function: she offers medical help with her tongue.

The sprightly senior claims to be the last living tongue healer. People come to her, sit down, and lean back. She rinses her mouth with sterilizing alcohol and then gets to work.

Youtube/Caters Clips

Her specialty is removing foreign objects from the eye such as lead, charcoal, glass, or sawdust. 

She carefully licks the patient's eye until she finds the disturbing object. She says she's already helped more than 5,000 people, many of whom had been to the doctor but without any luck. She learned the method as a much younger woman from a then elderly lady, but she fears that the peculiar manner of treatment will die out with her. 

"Unfortunately I cannot pass this to my descendants, because my children are too disgusted to put their tongue on someone's eye," she recounted, explaining that instead, the people of her village are planning to cut out her tongue after she dies and continue to use it. She proudly shows off a newspaper article about her.

Hava says that patients come to her from all over the world. She doesn't charge the poor or unemployed, but for normal patients her fee is around $11. Watch the video to see her unusual method for yourself:

That is truly alternative medicine! Would you undergo a treatment like this?


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