Young Englishwoman wants to be known as the British Barbie

Though she could enjoy a normal life like any other young person her age, 22-year-old Hannah Gregory from Skegby, England, decided to be something different. Her body and her passion makes her life in some ways more difficult than you'd think.

With a tiny 22-inch waist, her body proportions are similar to those of a Barbie; Hannah also has long eyelashes and wears special contact lenses to mimic the doll's glassy stare. Her dresses are carefully selected so that she can keep up the illusion of being a living doll.

Hannah hasn't always been like this though. Growing up, she didn't feel comfortable in her own skin. "I was painfully shy and self-conscious about my appearance. I thought I was ugly and lanky," she explained.

Her admiration for how a Barbie doll looks prompted her to dress like one, and she soon found that it boosted her self-confidence. Whenever she wears normal clothes, she starts feeling anxious again. However, maintaining this look isn't without its difficulties, as she spends three hours a day getting ready; she's also often stared at or mocked in public for her appearance.

"When I leave the house, people laugh and shout rude comments at me. […] But the abuse doesn't bother me, I feel happy and cute as a doll," Hannah said.

However, the 22-year-old hasn't just been attracting negative attention on the streets: "Wherever I go, strangers stare at me because of the way I look. In Sheffield, people are always asking for selfies with me and complimenting me on how I look like a princess. It's very sweet."


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When it comes to guys, her appearance is a double-edged sword. Lots of men become obsessed by her doll-like looks and quickly fall in love with her. However, Hannah says that it's all rather superficial:

"Boys who I've never really spoken to before will suddenly approach me and tell me how much they like me and want to be with me. But they don't even know who I am inside — they just like the way I look. Guys see me as a doll and immediately sexualize me."


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There are also some men who avoid her because they don't feel they can approach her or become uncomfortable due to her likeness to a doll. She experienced this when first starting college:

"On my first day at university, no one spoke to me and I was upset that nobody seemed to like me. But afterwards, my classmates told me that they had been intimidated by me and they were scared to approach me because I looked so much like a doll."


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Yet she loves dressing up like a doll and encourages others to embrace their individuality: "If you're happy and like that style, then it doesn't matter whatsoever if someone is saying something behind your back. Who cares? It's just their opinion," Hannah said.


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Meanwhile, it seems as though Hannah has finally found someone who isn't just crazy about her looks. According to Facebook, she has been in a relationship since August 2016.

This shows that she didn't need to change what she's comfortable doing to find happiness. Hannah can be a role model for everyone!


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