Video: Hamster’s tooth clipping turns into a magic act

Hamsters are rodents and therefore their teeth grow constantly. A hamster needs to grind its teeth down regularly by gnawing, but once in a while, for whatever reason, their teeth may grow out of control. When this happens they need to be clipped to prevent serious health problems. While many owners will not want to risk trimming the teeth themselves, this pet owner (with over 20 years of experience caring for these little rodents) tries to demonstrate in his kitchen how tooth clipping is done using a pair of nail clippers. And for anyone concerned about this little rodent, no need to worry: their teeth do not have any nerves and they don't feel any pain when their teeth are clipped.

“Let’s begin the hamster the dental treatment!” the man says as he grabs his frightened little hamster. We soon find out, however, that it's the hamster that has a special surprise for us all. 

“It’s nuts!” the owner shouts, “Are you a magician or what!?” 

Initially intended as a tutorial, the video was turned into a surprising magic act. Who would have thought that these little creatures have such an amazing storage capacity!


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